Year end summary of Fei Fei sales team

On January 8, 2021, the annual meeting of Sales Department of Xiamen Fei Fei bag Co., Ltd. was held in Grace Hotel. The meeting was presided over by Miss Yan, the sales manager, and the members of the sales department summarized one by one. The sales team is witty and humorous, and the Department rookie is full of spirit. In the experience we share, there are touching stories with customers. In the past year, the sales department has both joy and hard work, and has paid and gain. 

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During the epidemic period in 2020, when it is inconvenient for foreign customers to visit the company on the spot, FeiFei has won the full trust of domestic and foreign customers with years of professional service, outstanding quality and good reputation. The sales department not only did its own epidemic prevention work well, but also ensured the company's performance. The past has become the cornerstone, and the future will be better. In 2021, under the care and encouragement of general manager Joe Lai, the members of the sales department set new goals in career, family, personal life, learning and other aspects, made new plans for the development of the enterprise and personal growth, constantly improved their comprehensive quality and business ability, and won the day for the enterprise, family and themselves.

Post time: Jan-21-2021